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Boot Care

If you are investing in a quality pair of boots, it is worth looking after them so that they continue to perform as you would expect.

We have met customers who have made boots last over 20 years, with care!
Try to store your boots out of direct sunlight and away from any direct heat sources, such as radiators or hot water pipes.
Rubber Boots
As the boots that we sell are all made with 100% natural rubber, they will naturally deteriorate with time. To slow this process it is worth washing the boots down with water (and a light detergent if necessary) regularly. Then, when dry, spray them with a quality silicon-based spray (see Accessories - Aigle Swipol or Le Chameau spray). This will feed the rubber and stop it ‘crazing’ and perishing, keeping it supple and completely waterproof.
If you have a zip in your boots, make sure you keep it clean and free from grit. When the boots are clean, spraying with the same silicon-based spray, Ezip or waxing will keep the zip moving freely. It is worth noting that 99% of zip failure in wellies is down to grit!
The neoprene of Muck Boots and Grub's can be washed down as you would with rubber. Some of the smaller items (Scrub, WoodLineMidLine) can be put on a 30o cycle in your washing machine – they come out like new!
If you are unlucky enough to puncture or tear your rubber boots, they can sometimes be repaired. DIY repairs can be carried out with a bicycle puncture repair kit, but it’s tricky!

Easy repairs to flat surfaces can be carried out with the Stormsure Boot, Shoe & Wader Repair Kit and more tricky permanent repairs to rubber, neoprene or even the soles of your boots can be made with a tube of Stormsure (see Accessories). This flexible and clear-setting product has been recommended to us by some of our manufacturers, is easy to use and will save you investing in another pair of boots (although we'd like you to!).

Leather Boots

Clean your leather boots with lukewarm or cold water and allow them to dry. Do not try to speed up the drying process by putting them next to a heat source or in the sunshine. Once dry, restore the waterproof qualities of the leather by using a liquid or wax leather boot proofer and occasionally use a boot conditioner, although beware - using conditioner too often can make the leather too soft. Our range of Granger's products will look after your leather footwear for years to come (see Accessories). Gore-Tex® lined boots will remain waterproof whilst the liner is intact.
Suede Boots
Cleaning suede can sometimes be a challenge, but generally you can follow the instructions for leather boots. Water repellency can be restored using a re-proofing agent designed particularly for suede like the Granger's Fabsil Footwear Proofer. Gore-Tex® lined boots (GTX) will remain waterproof whilst the liner is intact.
Rubber Boot Repair
If you find that your boots are damaged in some way, there are a couple of options. Some customers have found that they could repair their rubber boots using a puncture repair kit, although this can be a difficult and frustrating process. The most effective repairs that we have found have utitlised Stormsure, a product recommended to us by some of our manufacturers. The result is a clear, strong and flexible repair that will breathe new life into old and damaged boots.
Stormsure Instructions
Clean off mud and dirt from the damaged area with a light detergent and water. Then clean well with a chemical cleaner, such as acetone. Apply Stormsure directly to the area, allowing an extra 5mm around the damaged area. Keep flat and allow to cure. Stormsure is touch dry in 2-4 hours. Allow 10-12 hours for full cure.
Holes: Cover the back of the hole with sticky tape. Apply Stormsure on the other side, covering the tape and overlapping the edge of the hole by 10mm. Removing the tape after 12 hours will leave a flush surface on the back side.
On completion: Squeeze contents right to the top of the tube and cap, leaving no air under the cap. Roll up the tube. Partially used tubes may be kept in the freezer. Warm to room temperature before using.
Other tips...
Got a problem with less-than-fragrant boots?!! One of our customers told us that by placing a small cotton or muslin bag containing bicarbonate of soda in your boots, the moisture (and any smell) will be removed. Remove the bags and dry them ready for the next outing. You could even add a little lavender into the mix.
Maria F says "In UK winter weather a zip pull can be a boon for cold stiff fingers! I have sourced some (Eagle Creek ID Zipper Pull Set)"
If you have any tips for welly wearers, please let us know (click here for our contacts page)

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