Muck Boots Muck Master

£109.99 inc VAT

The Muck Boot Tay became the Muck Master in 2013 but is still the same great boot!

Noted for its block cleat tread pattern that is excellent for field work in the mucky stuff, the Muck Boot Muck Master combines warmth, comfort and shock-absorbtion to make a fine working field boot. With a 100% natural rubber casing around a thick waterproof neoprene lining, this breathable and robust boot offers that little bit extra when you go 'off-road'! If the tread looks too rugged, check out the Muck Boot Chore Hi as an alternative.

This boot is a favourite with beaters all over the UK!

PLEASE NOTE: The Muck Boot Muck Master performs superbly on soft ground (and worse!). If you need a Muck Boot that will grip well on hard surfaces too, consider the Chore Hi.



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