Sizing Guide


Adult Boots

Some of our boots are manufactured in British sizes, some in European and some in US sizes. Generally speaking, boot manufacturers do not make boots in half sizes with the exception of 6.5 (40) and 10.5 (45) in the French boots (Aigle and Le Chameau). Any boots marked in US sizes will be sold by us in the UK equivalent to save yet more confusion!

If you are unsure about the size for your wellies, we normally advise that you go for your shoe size, unless you are expecting to wear very thick boot socks.

The table below shows how the sizes compare:



Children’s Boots

There is no precise science to children’s sizes in wellingtons. Children’s legs and feet vary dramatically and we usually advise buying a bigger size than you would normally in shoes. Children will grow (at an alarming rate sometimes!) and extra socks can always fill the gaps whilst this happens.

This chart will guide you: